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We empower the individual with knowledge, tools and our people, to enable collaboration and pain point resolution, compare benefits costs, update employee files, run reports and so much more. Expert HR consulting, HR checkups, HR online enrollment platform and HR Resource portal.

We work directly, remotely and on-site.

PBR HR Portal - HR 360

PBR HR Portal

Discover a vast pool of information and resources – our centralized, subscription-based HR portal makes it easier and faster for you to research the most up-to-date laws and legislation, find answers to questions about state-specific topics, build an employee handbook, complete a compliance audit, store or download HR forms and policy documents, and receive email alerts and monthly newsletters.

“I’ve used Premier Benefit Resources for five years. They are a tremendous help on everything from employee questions and assisting with paperwork, to keeping me up to date on healthcare reform, etc. I often feel that I go to them more than their other clients do. But, regardless, they have always been very accommodating and supportive.”

~ Paul Mitchell, The School, Sacramento, California

S.M., Operations & Resource Accounts Manager

Boost Employee Satisfaction & Retention

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