Simplify the world of benefits for all.
Enhance your organization with Premier Benefit Resources. You and your employees will be better informed, happier and healthier.
Down-throttle compliance complexity.
Mitigate risk and navigate challenges with real-time controls, alerts, reporting & rigor.
Harness a centralized, paperless enrollment system –
robust, secure, scalable & personalized.
Today’s benefits solutions are way more powerful.
Gain a trusted advisor.
Tap into 30+ years of hard-won knowledge, wisdom & heavy lifting.
Optimize efficiency so work/life balance is easier.
Extend your HR business team to improve productivity & employee satisfaction.

HR, Benefits and Compliance Transformation by PBR

Achieve the best of all worlds

PBR’s brokerage team provides experienced guidance and support – from on-site meetings to compliance advocacy, from anywhere/anytime technology and agile processes to critical data at your fingertips.
We help HR and benefits departments improve efficiencies, control cost, make better decisions and thrive. Powered by and for good people.

PBR Reimagines HR

COBRA, Arisa & ACA requirements
Compliance Protection Services
real-time reporting tools
Online Enrollment Services
personalized, affordable benefits
Benefits Services
from complexity to simplicity
HR Support Services
Increase Productivity with PBRIncrease Productivity with PBR

Dedicated, strategic team

It’s about you. PBR simplifies HR with our hands-on approach, industry experience and a culture of excellence and collaboration. Aspiring to a concierge approach to service, we make sure you and your employees receive the best possible guidance and outcome.

Centralized controls

A full-service brokerage firm, PBR delivers world-class support, all in one place. Everything you need to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, including HR administration, benefit plan design, online benefits, compliance supervision, integrated payroll and employee management.

Comprehensive packages

Attract and retain the best talent with our full spectrum of benefits packages – thorough and far-reaching, tailored and economical. PBR’s clients are well cared for.

Pain-free, paperless enrollment

Devoted to streamlining day-to-day operations, PBR’s benefits enrollment and resources platform is easy to access and easy to manage. Seamless, modern technology + our people ensure a sound investment.

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